Gone Girl Poster Analysis UPDATED

This is a poster for the new David Fincher movie starring Ben Affleck, Gone Girl.

The impression that Ben Affleck’s character is quite isolated, a common thriller theme, is created due to his position at the base of the poster and standing over a lake, far from the nearest signs of civilisation, his small size, and the boarder. Isolation is a common thriller theme, the reflection of that in the poster shows that this film may conform to genre conventions. However the colour palette of the poster is much more subdued than many thriller posters, where most use stronger colours to show the intensity of the film, this poster uses blues and a faded sunset-orange, which are both contrasted by the strong, white boarder around the whole poster. The light from the sunset is emanating from Ben Affleck, this could suggest that he is the only character that sees any light in the dire situation of the film (hence why he is, also, standing alone), alternatively, he could be blocking the light, not allowing other characters to know the truth about something that happen(s/ed), hence why the orange is faded rather than being bold. On top of that the title of the film is obscured by a cloud, therefore adding to  the idea that the truth about where this girl has gone could be being hidden.

Furthermore, the typical Thriller iconography of bars is mirrored by this poster, chiefly by the digital distortion that is affecting Affleck’s image and the female eyes at the top of the poster. This distortion around Ben Affleck has a news ‘top story bar‘ in the centre, conveying how the news media may be distorting Ben Affleck’s character’s story, and his relation to the titular missing girl. Furthermore, Ben Affleck is looking at the headline that is scrolling out-of-shot, which is referring to the search for the missing girl, displaying how Affleck may be fixated on either finding the missing girl or hiding the truth about what happened to her. This also develops the thriller theme of voyeurism as Ben Affleck is watching the news resulting from the events in the film, and possibly trying to manipulate the news. The use of bar like iconography, also, relates to the conventional thriller theme of entrapment (particularly the boarder since it condenses the poster into a smaller area), as they are trapping Ben Affleck, on the edge of this lake, implying that Affleck’s character is about to do something dangerous, maybe drown himself or, maybe, he just threw the dead body of the missing girl into the lake!

The female eyes at the top of the poster reflect the conventional thriller theme of voyeurism, however they are looking in the opposite direction than Ben Affleck, perhaps these are the eyes of the missing girl and they are looking away from Affleck because he killed her. On the other hand these eyes could be representative of how Ben Affleck’s character needs to be left alone by the public and the media (who are currently putting him in a state of entrapment), in order for him to grieve the loss of the missing girl. These eyes are above the cloud that is blocking the title, this is a very soft-looking cloud, which is much the opposite of many thriller conventions, and much of the poster (particularly the hard lines created by the various bar like iconography), reflecting how the missing girl is now in a much more comfortable place (i.e. heaven).

Gone Girl is released on 3rd October (Friday) and currently 87% of reviews looked at by Rotten Tomatoes are positive.


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