John Wick Poster Analysis IMPROVED IN COMMENTS

John Wick is a 2014 action thriller starring Keanu ReevesJohnWickThis poster is blue, suggesting that Keanu’s character is calm, despite how he is holding a gun, a dangerous weapon, furthermore Reeves’ face is blurred, suggesting that he is removed from the situation that involves the gun that he is holding. The blue blurring, as well as the circles in the background, breaking thriller poster conventions as normally posters would use stronger colours that imply danger and intensity, such as red (intensity in this poster is instead provided using direct address — the character looking directly at the audience). The barrel replacing the ‘O’ in his name imply that he has a personal stake in the situation that involves him pointing the gun, and that the violence and death that can be dealt using a gun are a part of him.

The title (which is the main character’s name) looks as though it has been cutJohnWick (2) along a diagonal line, implying that he has been traumatically affected by an event, further showing the character’s personal stake in the matters of the film. On top of this, the font used is quite bland looking, possibly conveying that John Wick was living a relatively ‘normal’ life and the previously mentioned traumatic event has pushed him out of that. Furthermore, the tag line, ‘don’t set him off’ implies that he isn’t generally dangerous, that he lives a ‘normal’ life, however he does have a dangerous abilities and he could become dangerous if something happens to ‘set him off.’


2 thoughts on “John Wick Poster Analysis IMPROVED IN COMMENTS

    • The blue and the bubbles reflects the common thriller iconography of running water, perhaps Keanu is drowning in the poor situation that has made him point the gun, this, also develops the theme of entrapment as despite being trapped ‘under water’, he may still be able to swim out.


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