What are the benefits of 3D films for audiences and producers?

For producers, 3D films 
make more money, as it costs more for an audience member to see a film in 3D. 3D films, supposedly, give a more immersive experience for the viewer, giving greater depth to the images on screen. 3D films can also help towards preventing piracy, as people may want the spectacle of seeing a film in 3D, which they can’t get at home.

What are the negatives?

During a film, 3D glasses can be quite irritating for audience members, and make the picture darker, giving a worse experience of the film. It also costs more for consumers, which also might put them off seeing a film in 3D. 3D can also promote a mentality in film makers where they value spectacle over story. Furthermore, converting a film into the 3D can often be done poorly, giving a worse product for consumers, and costing the studio money.


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