Audience Task 1 – Statistical Yearbook

Summarise the audience information provided to gain an understanding of the state of UK cinema audiences


age old graphThis graph makes it clear that in the UK the 15-24 age group was the largest, making up a third of audiences in 2013. while all other age groups were around 20%. This shows that young people are, by far, the most active film goers, in the UK, this means that films that have a particular appeal for that age group will likely be successful.


The most popular films with the 15-24 age group in 2013



In 2013 UK cinema audiences leaned slightly more male, with about 53% of audiences being men. However this split is fairly insignificant as it is near a 50/50 split. Even films with a larger split between the genders still had large audiences from both. Notably, however, the One Direction film had a huge female leaning, with 85% of people who attended this film being female.


This table shows the most popular 2013 films with specific genders

Social Groups

Films were popular with all social groups. Higher, AB, social groups preferred dramas, biopics, musicals and comedies, with only The Great Gatsby featuring in their most popular films of 2013.


People in the C1 social group saw many  different genres, including action, fantasy, Sci-Fi, and dramas.



In C2 and DE social groups, family films, comedies and action films, in 2013. Fast & Furious 6 and Despicable Me 2 both featured highly.



All regions of the UK had films that attracted a larger number of viewers than others, other than the East of England, that didn’t have any stand outs. The bellow table shows that in the West and South West, films such as About Time were most popular.



In London and ‘The home counties’ Django Unchained proved most popular.

LonddersYorkshire and Humber made up a higher percentage of audiences that saw films like Captain Phillips, in 2013.

YokieIn the North east and Wales, the most popular films were the One Direction film and family films like Despicable Me 2

WayNorthEastScottish people made up a larger part of audiences for films like Sunshine on Leith and Filth, both of which relate directly to Scotland.






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