Audience Construction – 3 Films

Kingsman: The Secret Service


Because of the comic-book origins of the film, action and teenage protagonist, this film would be mainly distributed towards young adults and teenagers. As the films contains swearing, heavy amounts of violence and hints of the sexual nature, however, it would be probably marketed towards the 16-18 age range, to avoid BBFC issues and other legal issues related with unethical distribution.


I believe that the movie is presented as being gender-neutral for the most part, as there is no set emphasis on which gender is presented as being ‘superior’ in the film. For example, although the main protagonist is male and the ast itself is mainly headed by male actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, Colin Firth and Mark Strong, the most physical and action- orientated characters are actually female, with the dangerous assassin Gazelle being played by Sofia Boutella and the upper-class Kingsman recruit ‘Roxy’ being played by Sophie Cookson- the former character having originally been male. This myriad of genders therefore balances out the gender-scales for the film, making accessible to all genders going to see the film.

NRS Social Grade:

I believe that this film would be directed towards those with an NRS Grade of around A-to-B or D-to-E, as the plot being centered around an lower-class nobody becoming a high-class secret agent would appeal to people with a lower social grade, and the high-octane, upper-class-action themes would attract those with more lucrative professions, attracting those with a high social grade.

Characteristics and Values:

I believe the audience going to watch this film would have very nationalistic or high moral views, such as serving your country, stopping violence, rising in the world and doing the necessary things to stop calamities- all of which are very noble values upheld in the film itself, the comic book it is based on and the spy genre as a whole, such as in the popular 007 spy franchise.

Guardians Of The Galaxy


This film has a very broad appeal. It contains an easy to follow story, bright colours, anthropomorphic animals and trees that a young child may find entertaining, while the film’s humour and action are appealing to teen and young adult tendencies, and the 70’s music prominently featured in the film and its promotion may appeal to the nostalgia of a slightly older audience.


While the sci-fi/fantasy action genre does traditionally appeal more to men, in recent years audiences interested in these films has become more proportional, in terms of gender.

NRS Social Grade

This film would be likely to attract people from most social grades, due to its broad and unoffensive nature, however the most upper-class people may be put off by the film’s perceived lack of depth.

Characteristics & Values

The film doesn’t really have any controversial or thought-provoking ideas in it, it’s effectively about team-work, which people of all kinds of world view can be on-board with, meaning that the film doesn’t particularly limit its audience.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water


This film is aimed at young children, it has ‘funny,’ colourful, animated characters, that come from a very popular kid’s cartoon.


This film is probably more for young boys than girls. Most of the principal cast are male; there’s some toilet humour, which is traditionally more male and there’s a sequence where they become superheroes, which is also a more male dominated area.

Social Grade

Probably more towards the lower end of the social spectrum, as a lot of the humour is quite immature.


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