Crowd Funding Example – Kung Fury

How have films challenged traditional funding and filming methods?

Films like Kung Fury have challenged traditional distribution and filming methods by using new methods such as crowd crowd funding. This is when they producers of the film set up an online fund for strangers to invest money into the film. As you can see the film tripled its target funding to $600,000 and is currently being made into a full length movie.

This new modern method of producing films has been allowed due to advances in the film industry. For example technology has advanced much more in the recent decades and has allowed people to film their own films without being able to afford professional equipment. In this case the producer of Kung Fury only spent $5,000 of his own funds to purchase the filming equipment and software to produce his film.

Other changes have made it easier for low budget films to be created too. For instance the use of social media is very beneficial for low budget films and film advertising in general as it allows the producers to advertise their films for absolutely free. Furthermore word of mouth is the best and most effective method of advertisement used and social media enhances this as it is the virtual form of word of mouth. Some examples of this could be sharing it on Facebook or Twitter, in addition to this trailers can be put on Youtube for free or a profit can even be made from this if they choose to have adverts.



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