Prosumers, Proliferated Hardware and Content and Converged Devices

What Is A Prosumer?

A prosumer is a consumer who uses technology, which is becoming more and more easily accessible, to produce their own content and share via platforms such as Youtube.

What are the benefits and negatives of a proliferation of hardware and content?

The proliferation of hardware and content has led to benefits such as; lowering prices for high quality hardware, making it easier for smaller, independent projects to get made; as more members of the audience can make films themselves, the quality of professional films is driven up, since they have to seem better than products made by prosumers in order to appear worth paying for.


However, there are some drawbacks; online piracy means that films may not gross as much, giving a disproportionate idea of a film’s popularity to producers.

How are producers using converged devices to promote and distribute content?

Converged devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are being used in the promotion of films, primarily because these devices mean that we are almost always connected to social media, which companies often use as a marketing platform. Distribution is also changing due to our constant connectivity. VoD is growing, with companies like Netflix now distributing television-style shows(such as Emmy nominated, House of Cards and Orange is the new Black) and feature-length documentaries (including Oscar nominated Virunga), and are about to move into features films. They recently picked up the distribution rights to Beasts of no Nation, which is generating early Oscar buzz. Netflix plans to release this in cinemas and on the streaming platform on the same day, in order to give the film Oscar eligibility.


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