Watchmen Opening Analysis UPDATED

In this opening title sequence for Zack Snyder’s 2009 adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s classic graphic novel,  a Bob Dylan song, ‘The Times they are a changin” plays (non-diegetically), this challenges convention somewhat as the song is quite subdued and relaxing, this is quite different than thrillers often are, as generally threatening sounding music would be used to add a sense of dread. Here, however, this song is used to juxtapose with some of the violent images shown here, creating an uneasy feeling as these two styles would not normally be together. Towards the beginning of the sequence, these images are much less violent, but as the sequence progresses they become increasingly violent, reflecting a possible idea that may permeate throughout the film, about how the times are changing (like the song). This change is also reflected by the change in colour tone of the camera, from a warmer, sepia-esque tone to a slightly colder, bluer tone, this new colour tone relates to the the typical thriller iconography, shadows as the cold blue feels closer to shadowy black. The flashes of a camera throughout this sequence reflects how these moments are being frozen in time and can never reclaimed, this, also, teases a typical thriller narrative of being watched.

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