Children of Men Poster Analysis IMPROVED IN COMMENTS

Children of Men is a 2006 Sc-Fi Thriller directed by Alfonso Cuarón and 93% of critics like it


This poster is black, which draws attention to the white surrounding the foetus. The foetus appears to be an enigma, it is a singular light source in a pitch black setting, however it is isolated (a typical thriller theme), conveying how, in the film, there is no visible hope of new life, the only possibility of hope is hidden in the darkness. However the foetus itself is not the virtuous white, it is a kind of peach colour, displaying how this hope may not solve all of the problems, as the text on the poster says,  ‘all that can change/in a Heartbeat’. Note that it’s only ‘can,’ not ‘will,’ this is not a definitive way out of the problems (chiefly that of not being able to procreate) that the society in the film are facing. Continue reading