Cast & Crew

This is the cast and crew list for the Thriller opening that we’re filming.

John Kidd20141206_151358 He is playing the main male role in our thriller. He does AS Drama as well as AS media so he is a suitable person to feature in our thriller. The characters costume is pictured, it is quite dark to represent that he may be the antagonist.

Robin McAllister –20141206_151352

He also does AS Drama so is a suitable actor for our thriller. The character he plays will also be wearing dark clothes to create a sense of enigma about who the main antagonist is.

Edward Haynes –20141206_151406 He is the secondary director and cameraman, He will be helping with setting up shots and making directorial decisions. He does AS media so will have the technical knowledge to reinforce what he is saying.

William Soden –


William Soden is a member of our Media group and has been instrumental in the development of our ideas and when will film, he will be the primary director.

Amanda O’Connor

Amanda is, also, a member of our media group and has been helping with some of the production



Primary Audience Research

In order to find out some of what audiences like, we conducted a survey, some of the results of this survey have helped us in developing how our thriller.

favourite genresBecause action films did so well, in our survey Action was joint second when we asked what people’s favourite film genre, we may incorporate action film elements, some of the effects that come with incorporating action elements into the film are the possible chances of the film becoming a part of the action genre or becoming too gory. The fact that thrillers are too gory is one of the things that people disliked about the thriller genre, as discovered by our survey, with 10% of survey takers saying they did not like the gore that can be commonplace in the thriller genre. To combat this we decided to have the deaths happening off screen to minimize gore but still retain the slight element of action without it becoming too action heavy. This means that the film could also be classified as a 15, which would be suitable because of the large percentage of people taking our survey fitting into the 16-20 age range, which more than 70% of survey respondents were.

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Secondary Thriller Research UPDATED

This is the secondary research that we undertook before filming our thriller so that we knew how we could adapt our thriller to make it more successful if it were released in the box office.

Thrillers did not do substantially well at the box office, only grossing 29.1 Million pounds in the UK box office which equated to 2.5% of total box office gross. Out of 16 genres, thrillers came 12th. This shows us that the thriller genre is not very popular as compared to other genres in the UK; however, the action genre grossed £246.6 Million and ranked second in total gross in the UK last year. In terms of worldwide gross, only Gravity of the top ten films of 2013 could be considered a thriller, grossing a total of 716.4 million US dollars internationally and 53,115,202 million dollars (about £31 million) of that from the UK. Most of the top grossing films in 2013 were action movies like Iron Man 3. So far, worldwide, in 2014 all of the top ten, have action elements. This is why we decided to add action elements to our thriller film, this would be easy to add since in our opening we already have a gun shot, and if we were to make the rest of the film, it would be easy to have gun fight sequences. The constant references to the death in the opening of the film gives an overtone of death, making it easier to incorporate action into the film. Crime also did quite well at the box office, grossing £57.5 Million, coming eighth in the box office in the UK, crime elements are, also, easy to incorporate into our Thriller.

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