Representation in a Scene From Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer is a 2014 Korean/American dystopian Sci-fi thriller, directed by Korean writer/director Joon-ho Bong. It’s total box office haul was $86,758,912. On IMDb, audiences and critics rated Snowpiercer 7/10 and on Rotten Tomatoes, 95% of critics liked the film, and 74% of audiences enjoyed it.

How Is The Antagonist/protagonist represented in this scene?

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Primary Audience Research

In order to find out some of what audiences like, we conducted a survey, some of the results of this survey have helped us in developing how our thriller.

favourite genresBecause action films did so well, in our survey Action was joint second when we asked what people’s favourite film genre, we may incorporate action film elements, some of the effects that come with incorporating action elements into the film are the possible chances of the film becoming a part of the action genre or becoming too gory. The fact that thrillers are too gory is one of the things that people disliked about the thriller genre, as discovered by our survey, with 10% of survey takers saying they did not like the gore that can be commonplace in the thriller genre. To combat this we decided to have the deaths happening off screen to minimize gore but still retain the slight element of action without it becoming too action heavy. This means that the film could also be classified as a 15, which would be suitable because of the large percentage of people taking our survey fitting into the 16-20 age range, which more than 70% of survey respondents were.

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Secondary Thriller Research UPDATED

This is the secondary research that we undertook before filming our thriller so that we knew how we could adapt our thriller to make it more successful if it were released in the box office.

Thrillers did not do substantially well at the box office, only grossing 29.1 Million pounds in the UK box office which equated to 2.5% of total box office gross. Out of 16 genres, thrillers came 12th. This shows us that the thriller genre is not very popular as compared to other genres in the UK; however, the action genre grossed £246.6 Million and ranked second in total gross in the UK last year. In terms of worldwide gross, only Gravity of the top ten films of 2013 could be considered a thriller, grossing a total of 716.4 million US dollars internationally and 53,115,202 million dollars (about £31 million) of that from the UK. Most of the top grossing films in 2013 were action movies like Iron Man 3. So far, worldwide, in 2014 all of the top ten, have action elements. This is why we decided to add action elements to our thriller film, this would be easy to add since in our opening we already have a gun shot, and if we were to make the rest of the film, it would be easy to have gun fight sequences. The constant references to the death in the opening of the film gives an overtone of death, making it easier to incorporate action into the film. Crime also did quite well at the box office, grossing £57.5 Million, coming eighth in the box office in the UK, crime elements are, also, easy to incorporate into our Thriller.

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Analysis of Costuming in a Scene From Watchmen UPDATED

This is a clip from the superhero thriller film Watchmen, directed by Zack Snyder and adapted from Alan Moore & Dave Gibbon’s classic graphic novel of the same name. Released on the sixth of March 2009, this film made $185,258,983 (Worldwide) and was produced by Legendary Pictures in association with Lawrence Gordon Productions, presented by Paramount and Warner Brothers. On imdb, 321,752 users gave it an average rating of 7.6/10 and on Rotten Tomatoes 70% of 1,051675 audience members who rated the film gave positive ratings, and 65% of 294 professional reviews were positive. This film is not targeted at younger people as it has the age rating of ’18’ in the UK.

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Fargo Opening Analysis UPDATED

The opening title sequence of the Coen brothers’ Fargo opts for simplicity, having a mostly white screen for most of the sequence, this screen is slowly revealed to be fog/mist, reflecting the reveal to a possible mystery that may feature in this film. This white challenges thriller conventions as normally black would be a colour of choice to display dread and isolation, however here the white achieves the same thing, and gives the film its own, individual aesthetic. Furthermore, since this obscures the audience’s view of events, it instantly puts the audience in a position where they are searching for an answer too an enigma, as they are presented with something that is not what  it appears on the surface, thus developing the thriller narrative tread of an enigma. Continue reading

Watchmen Opening Analysis UPDATED

In this opening title sequence for Zack Snyder’s 2009 adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s classic graphic novel,  a Bob Dylan song, ‘The Times they are a changin” plays (non-diegetically), this challenges convention somewhat as the song is quite subdued and relaxing, this is quite different than thrillers often are, as generally threatening sounding music would be used to add a sense of dread. Here, however, this song is used to juxtapose with some of the violent images shown here, creating an uneasy feeling as these two styles would not normally be together. Towards the beginning of the sequence, these images are much less violent, but as the sequence progresses they become increasingly violent, reflecting a possible idea that may permeate throughout the film, about how the times are changing (like the song). This change is also reflected by the change in colour tone of the camera, from a warmer, sepia-esque tone to a slightly colder, bluer tone, this new colour tone relates to the the typical thriller iconography, shadows as the cold blue feels closer to shadowy black. The flashes of a camera throughout this sequence reflects how these moments are being frozen in time and can never reclaimed, this, also, teases a typical thriller narrative of being watched.

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Children of Men Opening Analysis UPDATED

The opening to the 2006 thriller Children of Men begins with a blank screen for nine seconds, with a further 14 seconds that have some studio and production credits over this blank screen, with a diegetic news report playing. This serves the purpose of disorienting the audience, as they would be expecting to see something on-screen (that is the general convention of film). This develops the common thriller themes of entrapment and isolation as the audience feels trapped and isolated by not being able to see what is going on, despite being able to hear that quite important sounding news is being read. This has a particular impact after the brightly coloured studio logos played just before the film began, since the audience is suddenly trust into shadow. The diegetic news track helps to establish the world that this film is set in, this world is clearly in some turmoil, however the turmoil described by the headlines are only slightly exaggerated versions of many issues being discussed today, conveying how this film may be quite relevant to today’s problems. Perhaps taking a voyeuristic stand point towards them, as suggested by the blankness of the opening. Continue reading

John Wick Poster Analysis IMPROVED IN COMMENTS

John Wick is a 2014 action thriller starring Keanu ReevesJohnWickThis poster is blue, suggesting that Keanu’s character is calm, despite how he is holding a gun, a dangerous weapon, furthermore Reeves’ face is blurred, suggesting that he is removed from the situation that involves the gun that he is holding. The blue blurring, as well as the circles in the background, breaking thriller poster conventions as normally posters would use stronger colours that imply danger and intensity, such as red (intensity in this poster is instead provided using direct address — the character looking directly at the audience). The barrel replacing the ‘O’ in his name imply that he has a personal stake in the situation that involves him pointing the gun, and that the violence and death that can be dealt using a gun are a part of him. Continue reading

Children of Men Poster Analysis IMPROVED IN COMMENTS

Children of Men is a 2006 Sc-Fi Thriller directed by Alfonso Cuarón and 93% of critics like it


This poster is black, which draws attention to the white surrounding the foetus. The foetus appears to be an enigma, it is a singular light source in a pitch black setting, however it is isolated (a typical thriller theme), conveying how, in the film, there is no visible hope of new life, the only possibility of hope is hidden in the darkness. However the foetus itself is not the virtuous white, it is a kind of peach colour, displaying how this hope may not solve all of the problems, as the text on the poster says,  ‘all that can change/in a Heartbeat’. Note that it’s only ‘can,’ not ‘will,’ this is not a definitive way out of the problems (chiefly that of not being able to procreate) that the society in the film are facing. Continue reading