Cast & Crew

This is the cast and crew list for the Thriller opening that we’re filming.

John Kidd20141206_151358 He is playing the main male role in our thriller. He does AS Drama as well as AS media so he is a suitable person to feature in our thriller. The characters costume is pictured, it is quite dark to represent that he may be the antagonist.

Robin McAllister –20141206_151352

He also does AS Drama so is a suitable actor for our thriller. The character he plays will also be wearing dark clothes to create a sense of enigma about who the main antagonist is.

Edward Haynes –20141206_151406 He is the secondary director and cameraman, He will be helping with setting up shots and making directorial decisions. He does AS media so will have the technical knowledge to reinforce what he is saying.

William Soden –


William Soden is a member of our Media group and has been instrumental in the development of our ideas and when will film, he will be the primary director.

Amanda O’Connor

Amanda is, also, a member of our media group and has been helping with some of the production