Convergence on the Age of Ultron Official Website

Explain how the websites have used convergence to increase audience awareness and participation in order to promote and sustain interest in the film and/or its franchise. On this site, convergence is seen. Avenge The homepage of the site is, simply, a landscape of the teaser poster. This helps to create a sense of intrigue and builds on the iconography of the first film as that had a very similar teaser image. The site plays dramatic music in order to immerse users in the experience of using the site (this is easily mutable as many users may be put off by this). The site also features a global navigation bar that links to pages about other Marvel products, thus helping to join all Marvel brands into one converged brand. Picture1   This small banner appears near the top of the page, showing news about the film, this helps to get people excited as they can see how others are talking about the film. This banner also features links to the film’s official social media pages, which can be used to keep the film in the users’ minds as the film’s release approaches.

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